Facebook Group Members

There are neumerous ways that you can grow your facebook group and numerous methods that you can try to use. The best type of members to add to any group are targeted members to ensure that your group is active.

I am going to show you how to get both targeted members for an active group and bulk members for a large group.

Large groups provoke interest in targeted members making them more likely to ask to join so just know that no members is a bad member.

Appart from the rare ones that post porn and violence in your group which can be easily controlled by making an admin check each post before it is approved.


Method Number 1

This is my favourite method and it got my first ever group upto 95000 targeted members and very active using only one facebook account and 3000 friends.

Firstly you need to obviously have some friends and the easiest way to get targeted friends is to look at other groups in your niche and simply send friend requests to the groups members.

Do this on a daily basis until you get 1000 friends. Then you need to start adding your friends to your own group. This can be very tedious to do by hand but if you have a PC and Chrome Browser then its very fast and simple.

Simply add this chrome extension to your browser https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebook-group-invite-all/eeajicmampllnpkmfimkhefbndkfeloo

And then open the page of your group and click the new button at the top right of your screen.

The extension will add all of your friends to your group. Though I advise that you add no more that 300 per day to avoid bans.


So now you have some friends and a group adding tool its time to get to work. You need to find groups in the same niche as yours and look at the page that shows the members. On that page you can click the ADMINS button and see only admins.

The main admin is the one who was not added by anyone and that is the person that you need to friend then message.

Send a message to this person stating that you gave a group similar to theirs and you are interested in member sharing. Say that you will add to there group and they can add to yours.

Once you get a response offer them the free adding extension and your off.

Every new adding partner that you get will increase the number of members to your group by the amount of friends that you have.


I personally with a total of 3000 friends got to 95000 members and sold the group for 750 Pounds Sterling.




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