Facebook Group Secrets

Facebook groups are my love and joy. Not to mentıon a nıce steady income to my business. I have learned so much about facebook groups and building big successful groups over the past couple of years and now I have decided to share some of my knowledge with others.

Firstly a groups chance of success depends on everything that you do from the second that you make the facebook group to the second you get your first income from it and beyond.

One of the very first things to consider when you create your group is the niche that you target. If you are creating your group to support a business that you already have then your niche is already decided for you but if you are creating a group and have not yet decided the niche that you will target then please take notes.

The first thing that I will share with you is the fact that some of the most powerful and active groups that I have ever created with huge scope for creating an income are local forsale groups.

The reason for this is forsale groups / buy and sell groups get vast amounts of people interested in using them and lots of people will tell their friends and add their friends to the group meaning that after a short while. maybe upto 6 months, you will have a large and active grouop.

The second and most important point here is that you will have no shortage of companies looking to give you money in order for them to be able to advertise on your pinned post and header banner.

Simply because these people know that lots of locals are looking at the group every day and an advert thats seen by everyone that looks at the group will generate local business for them. New sales – customers and clients.


So how do we go about creating this wonderful group. Actually its very simple. Getting a group to 5000 local members will create activity. Then you get the group to 100000 with a rate of 5 percent locals and 95 percent foreighners.

How does this work?

Easy. locals see a big active group with 100000 members and they join…

Active = 5000 Locals

Big = 100000 Members

Join = More local members


So you need to create a new facebook account in your own name if you are a girl or your sisters name if your a boy.


Then you need to search facebook for local people and send them friend request from your new account. Keep doing this from 1 2 or 3 accounts til you have the 5000 friends and then add them to the group. That should take you about 2 weeks if your slow.

Once you have the group to 5000 and 5000 friends in your pocket its time for phase 2

Phase 2 is about making your group big FAST. Your now ready to explode your facebook group and get some real reactions from anyone who hears about it. You need to buy facebook group members And buy plenty. Buy from 50000 to 100000 and that will be enough, though its best to buy them 10000 or 20000 a week so that you do not end up looking fake.


With that done you now have a 100000 member group based in a town or city with targeted members.

Its time to make money. You need to create a pinned post that lets people know that they can post their advert in the place of the pinned post and on the header at the top of the page for a fee.


This will get your facebook inbox rockin and you will have no shortage of customers. Though to do this and make some real money you need to create and build as many groups as you can in the same area so that you never have to say NO to anyone thats trying to give you money for an advert.



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