How To Buy Facebook Group Members

Once you have your group set up just the way you want it with your nice header image and maybe a good pinned post its now time to add members. Buying members is the fastest way to add members to any group and its the least hastle. Adding from your own account will get you bans and restrictions on your account in no time.

Now you are ready to buy facebook group members you need to find a good supplier. The best supplier of facebook group members that I have ever found is also the cheapest and I promised the girl that I would write this blog post for her because I am so happy with her service.

Also she said that she will give me some free facebook group members as a thank you so I just couldnt say no.

The website that I buy most of my facebook group members from is This One  It seems very basic but the service is fantastic and very fast.

The members are not targeted to your area or niche but they are very real and very active so if you cave a broad niche with no local area then your quite capable of creating a very big active group from this service alone.


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