How To Get The Most Active Facebook Group Ever

Before I tell you how to do this Im going to tell you why it works. Its all about facebook notification system.

Yoe never gat a notification from facebook saying that someone you dont know or are not friends with posted in a group.

So what does this tell you. It means that the more friends that someone has in a group the more notifications they get about the group and the more notifications their friends get.

So what do we need.

We need a facebook group where the most of the members are friends and friends of friends.

So how do we do this. VERY EASY…

Firstly you must create your group and have it based on something that is very popular like WOMEN or a local for sale group.


Then you must get your group members count upto a reasonable number and the fastest way to do this is to buy facebookj group members. Search Google.. You will find lots of places to get them.


Once your group is of a reasonable size you will then need to get your members to add theif friends. This is very easy . You would be supprised.


Simply create a pinned post with an image that says ADD 300 PEOPLE TO THIS GROUP AND ADVERTISE HERE FOR 1 WEEK FOR FREE.

Thats the pinned post going to get you 300 members every week and all of the members will be either friends or friends of friends.


The second step here is to create a header image for the group that offers the same thing but for the header space. ADD 1000 MEMBERS TO THIS GROUP AND ADVERTISE HERE FRE FOR A WEEK.


That will get people adding like crazy in order to take advantage of some free advertsing.


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