How To Search For Friends On Facebook Without Logging In

It is very possible to use Facebook to search for friends without having to login. There are many ways of doing this by using apps, plugins and different search websites but I am about to share with you the top 2 methods of finding your friends on Facebook without having to login.


This is the first and very best way to find your friends on facebook without logging into your account. You do not need to be a computer mastermind to do this just do a simple search using the address bar in your chrome browser,

Type in the words and then click the space bar.

The words will go blue and then you can type in the name of the person and Google will then go into facebook and find anyone with that name and bring them into the search results.

The page that displays the search result sis`s own search engine. delivering you the results with pictures and details meaning that you can scan through the results and maybe find the person that you wore looking for.


Facebook has its own directory as you may be surprised to find out. The directory is accessible to anyone at all even if you do not have a facebook account. meaning that you do not have to be logged into facebook to use the directory and search for your friends.

Visit this page to look at the Facebook Directory.  You may use it to search for Friends, People , Pages and places. The directory is a great tool for finding things on facebook without being logged in.


Searching for friends on facebook while you are not logged in is as we can see very possible though searching for friends while you are logged in is so much more productive.

When you are logged in you may use this search tool.

The facebook search tool that you have just seen is incredible and it will greatly increase the chances of you finding the person that you wore looking for.

The reason that it is so much more powerful to search for facebook friends when you are logged in is this.

Using the search tool you may enter details such as the persons

  1. Home Town
  2. Place Of Work
  3. Current City
  4. High school attended
  5. Mutual Friends
  6. Place of work

This means that you can really refine your search and greatly increase your chances of finding your friend on facebook.

Searching for your friends on Facebook without logging in is very possible yet as you can now see it is so much more effective to search for them when you are logged it. If you do not have a Facebook account then its about time that you got one ))


A big thank you to FBADDED.COM For sharing this post with us.


Fastest Way To Add Facebook Group Members

The fastest and safest way at the moment to add people to a Facebook group is simply by using a chrome extension called Group Invite All. You can add it to chrome from the chrome store for free by following the link.

Simply add the extension and you will see a nice new round blue button appear next to your address bar. Now adding is fast and easy. simply login to Facebook from your chrome browser, open the group page on Facebook “you must be a member” and then click the new blue button.

A popup window will appear with the adding status telling you how many people are left to process, how many people have already been added and how many people have just been added.

The safest way to use this extension is to only add 400 people per day from your account. you can of course use the extension on multiple accounts by logging out of one account and into another.

Long gone are the days where you have to spend hours manually adding group members.

Adding Facebook Members New Rules

For a long time it has been possible to add 600 people to a Facebook from one account within a few moment sand not get banned.

It has also been possible to add a person every few seconds to a group and add all friends without getting banned.

Facebook have now taken some hard measures to combat the artificial growth of groups. Adding too many people to a group in a short space of time will now make the group become poisonous.

This means that after the adding limit has been reached every account that tries to add to the group for the following 5 hours will be banned from adding to groups for 2 weeks plus. It does not matter if it is only one member that you add, Facebook will ban your account from adding.

The safest way to add to Facebook groups is to add no more than 10000 per day, no more than 1000 per account and no more than 1 person every 10 seconds per account.

Buying facebook group members means you have to find a trust worth and well developed seller to deliver your order.

The best in the business at the moment is They are very cheap compared to the others and they always deliver on time.


Adding friends to Facebook groups

Adding your friends to Facebook groups is now a very difficult business. Previously people wore using scripts in the console and adding about 600 friends within 1 minute and then stopping to avoid banns.

Or people wore using Chrome extensions to add to groups but now all of that has changed.

Facebook have changed the rules and doing either of these things will get you banned and also adding to a group that grows to 5000 in less than a couple of hours will get every account that added to the group completely banned and also every account that trys to add to that group from then on banned.

The group actually becomes poisonous and any account used for adding to a poisoned group will be banned.

Adding Facebook group members now is very hard and takes a lot of time and effort.

How To Get The Most Active Facebook Group Ever

Before I tell you how to do this Im going to tell you why it works. Its all about facebook notification system.

Yoe never gat a notification from facebook saying that someone you dont know or are not friends with posted in a group.

So what does this tell you. It means that the more friends that someone has in a group the more notifications they get about the group and the more notifications their friends get.

So what do we need.

We need a facebook group where the most of the members are friends and friends of friends.

So how do we do this. VERY EASY…

Firstly you must create your group and have it based on something that is very popular like WOMEN or a local for sale group.


Then you must get your group members count upto a reasonable number and the fastest way to do this is to buy facebookj group members. Search Google.. You will find lots of places to get them.


Once your group is of a reasonable size you will then need to get your members to add theif friends. This is very easy . You would be supprised.


Simply create a pinned post with an image that says ADD 300 PEOPLE TO THIS GROUP AND ADVERTISE HERE FOR 1 WEEK FOR FREE.

Thats the pinned post going to get you 300 members every week and all of the members will be either friends or friends of friends.


The second step here is to create a header image for the group that offers the same thing but for the header space. ADD 1000 MEMBERS TO THIS GROUP AND ADVERTISE HERE FRE FOR A WEEK.


That will get people adding like crazy in order to take advantage of some free advertsing.

How To Buy Facebook Group Members

Once you have your group set up just the way you want it with your nice header image and maybe a good pinned post its now time to add members. Buying members is the fastest way to add members to any group and its the least hastle. Adding from your own account will get you bans and restrictions on your account in no time.

Now you are ready to buy facebook group members you need to find a good supplier. The best supplier of facebook group members that I have ever found is also the cheapest and I promised the girl that I would write this blog post for her because I am so happy with her service.

Also she said that she will give me some free facebook group members as a thank you so I just couldnt say no.

The website that I buy most of my facebook group members from is This One  It seems very basic but the service is fantastic and very fast.

The members are not targeted to your area or niche but they are very real and very active so if you cave a broad niche with no local area then your quite capable of creating a very big active group from this service alone.

Facebook Group Secrets

Facebook groups are my love and joy. Not to mentıon a nıce steady income to my business. I have learned so much about facebook groups and building big successful groups over the past couple of years and now I have decided to share some of my knowledge with others.

Firstly a groups chance of success depends on everything that you do from the second that you make the facebook group to the second you get your first income from it and beyond.

One of the very first things to consider when you create your group is the niche that you target. If you are creating your group to support a business that you already have then your niche is already decided for you but if you are creating a group and have not yet decided the niche that you will target then please take notes.

The first thing that I will share with you is the fact that some of the most powerful and active groups that I have ever created with huge scope for creating an income are local forsale groups.

The reason for this is forsale groups / buy and sell groups get vast amounts of people interested in using them and lots of people will tell their friends and add their friends to the group meaning that after a short while. maybe upto 6 months, you will have a large and active grouop.

The second and most important point here is that you will have no shortage of companies looking to give you money in order for them to be able to advertise on your pinned post and header banner.

Simply because these people know that lots of locals are looking at the group every day and an advert thats seen by everyone that looks at the group will generate local business for them. New sales – customers and clients.


So how do we go about creating this wonderful group. Actually its very simple. Getting a group to 5000 local members will create activity. Then you get the group to 100000 with a rate of 5 percent locals and 95 percent foreighners.

How does this work?

Easy. locals see a big active group with 100000 members and they join…

Active = 5000 Locals

Big = 100000 Members

Join = More local members


So you need to create a new facebook account in your own name if you are a girl or your sisters name if your a boy.


Then you need to search facebook for local people and send them friend request from your new account. Keep doing this from 1 2 or 3 accounts til you have the 5000 friends and then add them to the group. That should take you about 2 weeks if your slow.

Once you have the group to 5000 and 5000 friends in your pocket its time for phase 2

Phase 2 is about making your group big FAST. Your now ready to explode your facebook group and get some real reactions from anyone who hears about it. You need to buy facebook group members And buy plenty. Buy from 50000 to 100000 and that will be enough, though its best to buy them 10000 or 20000 a week so that you do not end up looking fake.


With that done you now have a 100000 member group based in a town or city with targeted members.

Its time to make money. You need to create a pinned post that lets people know that they can post their advert in the place of the pinned post and on the header at the top of the page for a fee.


This will get your facebook inbox rockin and you will have no shortage of customers. Though to do this and make some real money you need to create and build as many groups as you can in the same area so that you never have to say NO to anyone thats trying to give you money for an advert.


Facebook Group Members

There are neumerous ways that you can grow your facebook group and numerous methods that you can try to use. The best type of members to add to any group are targeted members to ensure that your group is active.

I am going to show you how to get both targeted members for an active group and bulk members for a large group.

Large groups provoke interest in targeted members making them more likely to ask to join so just know that no members is a bad member.

Appart from the rare ones that post porn and violence in your group which can be easily controlled by making an admin check each post before it is approved.


Method Number 1

This is my favourite method and it got my first ever group upto 95000 targeted members and very active using only one facebook account and 3000 friends.

Firstly you need to obviously have some friends and the easiest way to get targeted friends is to look at other groups in your niche and simply send friend requests to the groups members.

Do this on a daily basis until you get 1000 friends. Then you need to start adding your friends to your own group. This can be very tedious to do by hand but if you have a PC and Chrome Browser then its very fast and simple.

Simply add this chrome extension to your browser

And then open the page of your group and click the new button at the top right of your screen.

The extension will add all of your friends to your group. Though I advise that you add no more that 300 per day to avoid bans.


So now you have some friends and a group adding tool its time to get to work. You need to find groups in the same niche as yours and look at the page that shows the members. On that page you can click the ADMINS button and see only admins.

The main admin is the one who was not added by anyone and that is the person that you need to friend then message.

Send a message to this person stating that you gave a group similar to theirs and you are interested in member sharing. Say that you will add to there group and they can add to yours.

Once you get a response offer them the free adding extension and your off.

Every new adding partner that you get will increase the number of members to your group by the amount of friends that you have.


I personally with a total of 3000 friends got to 95000 members and sold the group for 750 Pounds Sterling.